How it Works


  • First, enter your address to see what options are available.
  • Choose from any of the available vendors in your area.
    • You can also order from multiple vendors at the same time!
  • Select a time from the vendor's offered delivery windows.
    • Order anytime up until a window's cutoff time.
      • These cutoff times exist to allow each vendor the ability to properly prepare all orders.
      • Delivery windows and cutoff times vary between vendors, so be sure to check your favorites' pages.
    • Additionally, some vendors may only be able to process a certain number of customers per delivery, so it's always better to order early.
      • If a delivery is about to fill up, a warning will be displayed.
    • Customize your order and proceed to check out.


  • Synk is partnered with Stripe so you can trust that your payment is being processed securely.
    • We accept all major credit and debit cards.
    • If you've ordered with us before, there will be an instant purchase option for an expedited checkout.
  • Once processed, your order receipt will be emailed to you and be available on your account home page.


  • We will notify you with an exact ETA once the vendor starts preparing orders for your delivery window.
  • If there are any problems dropping the delivery off, the driver will notify you through text or a call.
  • Enjoy and tell your friends!


Do I need to create an account?

Yes, but here are some of the many benefits of having an account:
- Access to Synk Rewards.
- A quicker checkout process.
- Easily track your order numbers and history.
- The ability to add money to your account or send it to a friend (perfect for students' parents).

Got 60 seconds? Sign up today!

Can I order from multiple stores?

Yes! You can finally order from multiple vendors at the same time. We call this a bundled order, and it's quickly making compromises a thing of the past.

When can I place an order?

Ordering starts every day at midnight. You can place an order for that day anytime before a vendor's cutoff time. To ensure quality, each vendor needs enough time to properly prepare their food. This cutoff time varies between vendors so be sure to check on each vendor's page.

What are delivery windows?

A delivery window is the time range that your order will show up in; a window is typically one hour or less. Since we coordinate many orders for a delivery, we won't know how many other stops the driver has to make until the cutoff time is reached. Once the vendor begins preparing orders, we notify you with a more precise delivery time.

When do I get notified of a delivery ETA?

Once the vendor begins preparing orders for your delivery group you will be notified of an estimated time of arrival. This is typically right after the cutoff time for your delivery.

What's up with Max Orders?

To ensure quality, each vendor may have a limit of how many orders they can process during a delivery. This number can change based on the delivery time or day of the week. A warning message will be displayed if a delivery is close to filling up.

Can I make any changes to my order?

No, unfortunately at this time, once your order is processed it is final.

There's a problem with my order, what can I do?

You are encouraged to leave constructive feedback for that vendor. We will then work with them to ensure it's made right and that you are satisfied.

Can I add money to my account?

Yes! Easily add money to your account with Synk Cash.
You can also send Synk Cash to any other account.

Have a student? Synk cash is a great way to ensure your child is eating well. Just send Synk Cash to their account and they can choose from all their local favorites.

Can you explain your rewards system?

Remember punch cards? Those flimsy cards that you would give to the cashier at your favorite restaurant to get a hole punch, finally tucking it away in your wallet until you’ve accumulated enough hole punches for a free drink or discounted order? Well Synk Rewards is kind of like that, except modernized for the 21st century.

When you browse menus on Synk, you may notice some items have an orange star next to them. Every time you order an item with that little orange star, your virtual “punch card” automatically updates to reflect your purchase. Stores and restaurants use this system to select what items are star-eligible, how many stars you need to fill your 21st century punch card, and what your reward is once you’ve collected enough stars.

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